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Candlestick Phones - A Hot Collectible Area

Collecting Candlestick Phones

talking on candlestick phone Nothing depicts the Victorian era like dainty women in ruffly dresses conversing on a candlestick phone. If you picture the parlor of a Victorian home at the turn of the twentieth century, you will see a candlestick phone sitting proudly on a mahogany table. Besides their inherent beauty and allure as an antique, perhaps it is this strong connection to their heritage that makes candlestick phones one of the hottest collecting markets going today.

There are also several other unique reasons that are
drawing new collectors to this field.

Still Affordable
old phone wooden crank styleMany candlestick phones can still be found at affordable prices. Unlike the generally older wooden crank phones their prices haven't yet risen to unattainable status. Collectors like being able to afford adding new pieces to their collection.

Easy to Display
old phone displayCandlestick phones have a small 'footprint', making them easy to display. One large 'country cabinet', or a couple of wall shelves can handily show off a couple dozen old candlestick phones. Collectors like being able to display their collections easily without having to spend a lot of money on special cases or cabinets.

Not that Many Made
Candlestick phones were around for four decades - 1890s to 1920s - long enough to have significant sells to the general public, but not in overwhelming numbers. A lot of models were only sold for a year or two. Others only saw regional distribution. There just wasn't any individual models that saw millions made and sold. Collectors like it when they have a collectible that is unique or scarce.

Somewhat Rare
old phone trash pilePrior to the recycling revolution, it was the phone company's policy to destroy old phones that were no longer in use. Many thousands of old candlestick phones from the early twentieth century were burned, crushed, buried or otherwise gotten rid of - by whatever means expedient. Candlestick phones from that era, that still survive in any condition, are getting harder and harder to find. Collectors like having rare items.

Considerable Number of Variations
At the turn of the twentieth century there was several manufacturers competing for the emerging telephone market. Each company came up with their own distinct designs. This makes for a collectibles area that is diverse with respect to makes, models and styles. Collectors like having a large selection of items to collect.

Some of the many styles and designs from the age of candlestick phones.

old phone candlestick 3old phone candlestick 4old phone candlestick 7old phone candlestick 8old phone candlestick 2old phone candlestick 15

Now that you know why collectors are attracted to Candlestick phones, perhaps you should consider collecting them too, while prices are still affordable.

According to experts, old phone prices are expected to increase.
Perhaps you should Invest in some yourself,
-- you'll be glad you did!
eBay Old Phone Auctions

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